SAiGE Composite Decking Range:

SAiGE composite decking is available in hollow and solid decking boards.

The hollow range is suitable for residential use as well as light commercial decking areas. The Solid boards have been designed with commercial projects in mind.

The hollow and solid decking range have the same aesthetic, finish and dimensions so can be used in conjunction with each other. We would recommend using the solid boards for steps and edging.

  • Colours: Coffee | Charcoal | Grey.
  • Solid Decking: Commercial and Residential use (edging & steps)
  • Hollow Decking: Residential and Light Commercial use
  • Profile: Mid Grooved Finish. The reverse of the decking board has a wood grained effect – whilst this can be used as an alternative side (or to create a picture frame effect) SAiGE Decking always recommends using the groove side as the grooves allow for a better water runoff and it has a better anti- slip rating as well as being easier to maintain its original look.
  • Dimensions: Length: 3.6m x Width: 143mm x Height: 23mm.
    • At these dimensions, 2 boards or 7.2 linear meters of decking equates to 1 sqm of coverage.  This also means that the hollow and solid boards can be used in conjunction with each other.
  • Fixings: Solid Decking: Colour Coded Screws.  Hollow: Stainless Steel Hidden Fixing Kits (powder coated black)
    • We also offer a composite Trim board (70mm x 10mm in 2.2m lengths) which can be used for decorative edging in light traffic areas.




Hollow Profile Charcoal  Hollow Coffee Hollow Profile Grey
Solid Profile Charcoal Solid Profile Coffee Solid Profile Grey

SAiGE Rustic Decking Range:

SAiGE Rustic Decking Range is ideal for commercial and residential projects alike. It gives a a more traditional timber effect with all the added advantages of composite decking making it very low maintenance with excellent anti-slip ratings, long life and is splinter free.


You can achieve the look of a traditional weathered timber decking but SAiGE Rustic boards will outlive traditional timber products every time.

  • Colours: Rustic Grey | Rustic Walnut
  • Type: Solid Decking boards
  • Profile:  Deep Embossed wood grain effect (to echo traditional timber). The reverse of the board also has a Mid Grooved Finish.
  • Dimensions: Length: 3.6m x Width: 140mm x Height: 22mm (coverage is just under 1sqm for 2 boards)
  • Fixings: Colour Coded Screws
Rustic Charcaol
Rustic Coffee
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