Artificial Grass

Up to you to decide what Oryzon® Grass can do for you. You will find in our range products designed for indoor and outdoor use, and for either temporary or long-lasting applications. Our artificial grass is suitable for any space: from extra small to extra large. Think of a freshly laid area of grass for your patio, terrace, garden, playground, roofing project, event …

We know you have to stick to your budget, and we therefore offer products in a wide range of prices. Oryzon's large production output using state-of-the-art factory equipment makes sure prices are kept low anyway.

Reclaim your precious free time for things that really matter. Oryzon® Grass requires practically no maintenance. An occasional sweep to remove natural debris is enough to keep your lawn clean. Say goodbye to mowing and trimming!


Walnut Creek Olive 27mm

Woodland Light Apple 32mm
Lakeland Light Apple 37mm Forestland Apple 37mm
Wanderlust Lizard 37mm Wanderlust Dragon 37mm
Mountain Creek Olive 42mm

Elite Apple 42mm

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Have you ever imagined you could have a green lawn in such a short time? Artificial Grass makes it possible. Check out this installation video to learn how and you’ll be enjoying your new lawn in no time!


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