Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood boards are made from a single piece of timber. They can either be glued to a suitable concrete sub floor or nailed to a suitable wood sub floor. Solid wood flooring is susceptible to fluctuations in humidity and is therefore unsuitable for certain installations such as basements, over underfloor heating, conservatories and bathrooms. On the plus side, a solid wood floor can be refinished many times and is generally cheaper than engineered floors.

Here is a small selection of our solid wood collection. If there is a particular size or finish you after please get in touch, we will no doubt be able to source it for you.




Rustic Golden Oak

18 x 130mm Lacquered


Rustic Oak

18 x 130mm Brushed and Oiled 

Rustic Coffee Oak

18 x 125mm Lacquered


Rustic Oak

18 x 125mm Brushed and Lacquered

Rustic Oak Lacquered

125mm x 18mm