Wooden Wall Panelling



Wood is too good to be burned – recycling and maximum usage are the main aspects of INDO. All INDO wall coverings are manually produced in a finely tuned production process. Thus each panel is a unique object. This present of nature is produced with the brand INDO in a way, that human and nature in balance enable another existence for the natural product wood. With the new collection for decorative wall coverings we direct our attention towards the versatility and ecologically responsible use of the natural product wood.

INDO Beachwood BWH00N Nature Plank

INDO Teak FSC DA52050N Nature Plank

INDO Teak FSC DA52050GS Gun Smoked Plank

INDO Teak FSC DA52050CH Charred Plank

INDO Teak Elegance DA82050N Nature Plank 

INDO Teak Elegance DA82050GS Gun Smoked Plank

INDO Teak Elegance DA82050CH Charred Plank

INDO Teak Classic Cube ETC92SB Java Plank

INDO Teak Classic Cube ETC92N Bali Plank

INDO Teak Classic Cube ETC92CH Sulawesi Plank

INDO Diamondwood DWETC92N CubeNature Plank

INDO Diamondwood DWETC275N Nature Plank

INDO Diamondwood DW1949AG Ancient Grey Plank

INDO Axewood FSC BCL03CO Coffee Plank INDO Axewood FSC BCL02CH Charred Plank INDO Axewood FSC BCL01WW White Washed Plank
This is a small selection of decors available, the full range can be viewed here