The wineo 500 collection stands for laminate flooring with authentic oak reproductions. The light, medium and also darker shades are partly very striking and unmistakable. The matt wood texture gives every space a very elegant and modern appearance. The plank format  gives a special look to small rooms in particular.

  • Utilization class 23 / 32
  • Tried-and-tested Loc-Tec locking system
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Can be used in damp rooms
  • Durable, easy care and antistatic 
  • Sound-Protect Eco Plus impact sound insulation optionally available on a roll


LA005MV2 Scottish Oak

LA008SV4 Welsh Pale Oak
LA009SV4 Welsh Dark Oak LA017MV2 Lumber White
LA023M Globetrotter LA024M Traditional Oak Brown
LA033M Alder Romantic LA034M Walnut Classic
LA039M Yale Oak LA040M Oxford Oak
LA041SV4 Tirol Oak Grey LA042SV4 Tirol Oak Nature
LA043SV4 Tirol Oak Cream LA045SV4 Tirol Oak Silver
LA046SV4 Tirol Oak White LA047SV4 Salt Oak
LA048SV4 Traditonal Oak Grey LA049SV4 Swedish Pine
LA061MV2 Virginia Oak LA079MV2 Ocean Oak