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Elka Engineered Elka Engineered Flooring is a practical product, chosen for its strength, flexibility of installation and stability. It perfectly mimics a solid wood floor but i made of three or more layers with an upper layer of genuine hardwood.
Antique Oak 12.5mm Double White Oak 12.5mm
Classic White Oak 12.5mm Golden Oak 12.5mm
Caramel Oak 14mm Rural Oak 14mm
Truffle Oak 14mm Dusky Oak 14mm
Rustic Oak Brushed and Oiled 14mm Champagne Oak 14mm
Super Rustic 14mm Rustic Oak Lacquered 14mm
Russet Oak 14mm Native Oak 18mm
Enhanced Oak 18mm Washed and Smoked Oak 18mm
Rustic Oak Brushed and Oiled 20mm Rustic Oak Lacquered 20mm
Autumn Oak 20mm Walnut Oiled 20mm
Walnut Lacquered 20mm Copper Oak 20mm
Solid Antique Oak 18mm Solid Golden Oak 18mm
Solid Rustic Oak Brushed and Oiled 18mm Solid Rustic Oak Lacquered 18mm


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