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Strata/ Castro consist of layers of wood bonded together to create these lovely looking engineered floors. Strata feature a hardwood layer in a selection of species supported by either a cross battened softwood or plywood base board.




  • Improved board dimensional stability
  • For commercial or residential use
  • Install as a floating system or direct adhered
  • Suitable over underfloor heating systems
  • Lacquer (matt & gloss) and oiled finishes


125 Rustic Oak Lacquered 150 Brushed and Lacquered
150 Lacquered Castro Oak
Chicken Itza Coliseum
Farmhouse Oak


Greystone Guimaraes
Husky Oak Marine Oak
Smoked Oak Obidos
Pena Rustic Oak Brushed and Lacquered
Smoked and Limed Rustic Walnut





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