Choosing the right underlay can be a bit of minefield, knowing which one will be best for your situation. At Timber Floor Studio, we have tried many different types over the years, here's the 7 that have made the cut and stood the test of time.


Barrier Plus

The Vapour barrier effectively and economically stops moisture rising from the subfloor.

Gives your new floor the perfect level of support, guards against excess wear and high impact damage – it feels good under your feet, too!

Perfect for any Wood or Laminate Flooring installation over wood or concrete

Building Paper

A waterproof building paper that controls moisture to BS 1521 AF requirements. To Be used when Nailing or screwing down a wood floor.

Perfect for any Wood Flooring installation over wood 

Elka Lay

Longer-lasting flooring giving your floor covering the perfect level of support, to protect it from excess wear and even high impact damage – all of which helps your floor look good for longer!

Faster fitting theres no wasting time with Elka Lay lightweight to lift and move around, and really easy to cut and install so you can get on with the job.

Perfect for any Wood or Laminate Flooring installation over wooden Subfloors where no DPM is required

Acoustica Gold

The Sound of Silence. Acoustica Gold has an exceptional impact sound insulation level of 25dB – really bringing down noise levels in the room and making it a better place to be.

Protects against moisture The high tensile strength of Acoustica Gold makes it suitable for any installation – including commercial use

Perfect for any Wood or Laminate Flooring installation over wood or concrete


ProTech is laminated with a full 1000 gauge damp-proof membrane, plus a joint sealing system to keep your room dry as a bone.

 ProTech also offers exceptional impact and sound insulation …so as well as not having to worry about damp, you’ll notice it makes a real difference to noise levels.

Perfect for any Wood or Laminate Flooring installation over wood or concrete, where extra DMP protection is needed.


The underfloor heating underlay - QuickTherm’s unique perforated design and ultra low tog value of just 0.35 means your underfloor heating system works more efficiently to keep you toasty!

Lifelong supporter - the very dense closed cell polyethylene material can take heavy loads long-term, fully supporting your floor to protect it and keep it in good shape for a longer life.

Perfect for any Wood or Laminate installation over Under Floor Heating

Fibre Board

On the level - as well as insulation, FibreBoard provides a level subfloor for the final floor covering, offering stable support and helping your floor last longer by smoothing out the most uneven areas.

Keep out the cold - the exceptional thermal insulation of FibreBoard is perfect for use on very cold subfloors such as cellars, to make your room feel so much cosier and comfortable.

Perfect for any Wood or Laminate  Flooring installation over wood or concrete where a DPM is not required.



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