Vinyl Flooring


Firmfit luxury vinyl flooring was developed with the idea that home is a place you can spend time and live fully without having to worry about small messes.

Firmfit is indistinguishable from a real wood and is a 100% waterproof flooring!

With Firmfit, fun and sun is what it’s all about. With fun, comes mess and accidents. And while most luxury vinyl flooring solutions available are not warranted for installations in rooms with large windows and a lot of sunlight, FIRMFIT is !

So relax, this waterproof flooring can take it !

How does it perform vs. other waterproof flooring?

Unlike many other waterproof floors, Firmfit has a limestone based core giving it unmatched dent resistance and stability to heat and sunlight.

Can I install in places other luxury vinyl flooring can’t go?

Most luxury vinyl floors go in bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms. Firmfit though can also be installed in sunrooms and over huge areas of up to 640m2/6400sq without any transition moldings!

How does it install?

Buy today, install today! Luxury vinyl flooring typically installs much faster than other types of plank floors. Firmfit is even faster. Thanks to its rigidity and its super easy click system, Firmfit truly is a DIYer’s dream.

Are Luxury Vinyl Floors Safe?

A big YES. All FIRMFIT floors are subjected to rigorous tests designed for waterproof flooring and certified, including by Greenguard. These tests are built to ensure all FIRMFIT products meet the highest standards.